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ProcedureCapture does not rely on recognizing ' 'underlying objects'' to drive the test Automation and works on:

  • all Windows applications (32 and 64 bit).
  • all Browsers and Browser based technologies (Flex, Silverlight, Ajax, HTML5, etc ) .
  • all Enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc).
  • all .NET and WPF versions.
  • Mac, Linux, S/370 and any remote technology accessible from a windows platform.

Traditional tools which use 'object recognition' are struggling to automate testing and this is set to continue as the world moves to an increasingly heterogeneous, distributed and mobile deployment.

ProcedureCapture solution captures any IT business procedure as a 'visual storyboard. It then reuses this asset within the tool to run functional testing (manual & automated), produce documentation, and provide end-user training.

  • ProcedureCapture works across any application and runs on any window operating system.

End to End Procedures on any application across any platform or browser


  • We can also test any mobile application or device and provide the end user documentation and training.

Read more on how we test mobile devices and applications


  • If looking at within the System Development Life Cycle

ProcedureCapture® solution will directly help in steps 3, and 4 above
To see more on how we work within the SDLC

  • IT Quality and New Systems Architecture

IT Quality has been impacted by the shifts in IT architectures both from a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) but also in the way organizations are shifting to cloud computing and the use of portals as a corner stone of their IT infrastructure.

Find out how we can help test, document and train on procedures running this architecture


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